Rang Unmuzzled #44 – Out the Door with Rango & Garth


Garth Hockersmith

Garth Hockersmith

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s your Christmas episode, with the world premiere of exclusive new Christmas tunes from Asylum Music Group’s Matthew Martinek and John Q. Public.

Official blurbiness from the mouth of the beast:

Rang Unmuzzled #44 – Out the Door with Rango & Garth

Rango the Dog heads out the door and finds a quiet spot to chat with The People Now mastermind Garth Hockersmith. Sprinkled in with the music of Seattle’s proggiest: a wide selection of new music from artists of the Asylum Music Group including exclusive new Christmas tracks from Matthew Martinek and John Q. Public.

Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog

Featuring the music of:

Jonny Smokes
The People Now
Matthew Martinek
John Q. Public
Swing Stuff, Inc.
Electronic Blue
Mark Corradetti
Stinktier & Honig

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Broadcast LIVE 12/12/2013 at Audioburger.com

Spreaker Podcast:



(bonus Christmas video from #rangothedog)

Ticket for Two (A Christmas Romance)


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