Episode #45: Zombie Apocalypse 2013

Rango the Dog #facebookdj

Rango the Dog #facebookdj

last show of the year, revisionist history version  \m/~

Rangounmuzzled – Episode #45 – Zombie Apocalypse 2013

Rango closes the curtain on 2013 with the Zombie Apocalypse head cold and a rapid-fire succession of tracks from some of his favorite Unmuzzled Artists. Featuring the music of:

Morrison’s Prophecy
Jack Mustard
Joel A Heslop‘s mr spoon
Simon James White
Garth Hockersmith‘s The People Now
Ben Badenhorst
JC Flow

Preston Terry vs Seattle Police

Preston Terry vs Seattle Police

Tim Hearn
Barry Burford‘s Digital Skunk
Head w/ Joe Botwinski
Quick Wicked
Steve Gardner & The Condition
Jonny Smokes
Patrick Kindy‘s In Real Life
Steve Costello
Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna
Janey Neal
Timothy Bennett-Smith‘s CIVILIZED TEARS
John Q. Public
Glenn Cannon‘s Windowpane w/Tony Abreu
Katsumi Yoshihara
Budd Zunga
Matthew Martinek
Mike Hartman
Southern Experience
Six String Woody
Joe Funktastic
Joe Sabatini‘s Radio Silence
Alyse Black
Joe Gande
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Savage Henry by way of virtual shotgun Hal Jester \m/~

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today’s broadcast on the spreaker archive:






broadcast LIVE 12/29/2013 at The Audioburger \m/~

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