2013 – Zombie Apocalypse Breakdown

Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog

2013 was not just bad luck for me, it will forever be defined by lack-of-hypothesis, a horror show of political gamesmanship and indiscriminate disregard for the people on the ground. 

to whit:

[ghastly chemical death, assad repudiates w/ready media]

(obama: waves flag, flies jet, claims threat w/cheese)

[bush: mission accomplished <– last regime]

Rango Virus

Rango Virus

(france nuts up: they’ll go unilaterally until they don’t a week later)

“$1B for his chemical weapons” – putin 

“what weapons?” – assad 

[rook takes knight] – obama (whips out red check book)

[us government default, people in the us clobbered & killed by cops]

…(dramatic pause)…

Poster art for the world premiere of Liberteria.

Poster art for the world premiere of Liberteria.

[us government strangles farm bill-dependent poor & veterans ]

…(choking & gasping)…

on fox: “i couldn’t count them either, then i did” – assad regime, denying they could count their munitions used to kill thousands of their people because the rebels must have done it, and they didn’t have phones and shit, then delivering the inventory w/receipts all good, bro, 1B US large.

“i’m a fucking hero. make a movie out of me” – snowden, touching himself w/usb key.

“i did not expect that” – soldier w/bomb in face, denied the same intelligence every other country in the world uses that lacks one snowden, because every country in the world spies, and every one that does, denies it, and those that don’t are remiss to their people.

“no amnesty for snowden” – people that think he’s a hero and get to say so because of people that actually were, and died for him, though he would never do the same for them. 

consider the people that gave their lives for you that snowden left to hang. 

he knew their missions, he lied to get them from the people sworn to protect you, and then he factored the scope of the most massively complex cybernetic defense system in the history of mankind into his personal calculus of fame. he determined his right for eternal infamy over your right to liberty or death, all by himself, and chose himself, without remorse.

code wars: emergent

code wars: emergent

more people will die from his actions will ever be known, because the us government and other intelligence agencies do not declare their victories, and nor should they. that would be stupid. they are intelligence agencies, that would be remiss. in response, the people that would kill you without remorse because of your religion, your country, or your color have changed their tactics due to snowden and will never be known to us, just as osama bin laden tossed his cell phone and enjoyed 10 more years of terrorist deism after a reporter went for the big story instead of common sense.

“give me a chinese snowden” – pawn takes rook whilst hacking \m/~

#rango4prez – Ben Badenhorst

“your parole officer said you’re not allowed out of the house” – Rangounmuzzledwe’re: melty-face-bowly-things as rango takes off his ankle bracelet w/ soldering iron & scope

“k” – #benfuknbad, counting in base-11 over an 8 string fretboard

“he’s the secretary of defense, yup. ben baddenhorst. i just announced his appointment to the new regime this morning. wait, regime? that’s evil, right. when it’s good it’s an administration. we’re an administration” – Matthew Meadows w/re: vallejo


Rangounmuzzled – Episode #45 – Zombie Apocalypse 2013

733905_10151266505542315_121935108_nRango closes the curtain on 2013 with the Zombie Apocalypse head cold and a rapid-fire succession of tracks from some of his favorite Unmuzzled Artists. Featuring the music of:

Morrison’s Prophecy
Jack Mustard
Joel A Heslop‘s mr spoon
Simon James White
Garth Hockersmith‘s The People Now

Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog

Ben Badenhorst
JC Flow
Tim Hearn
Barry Burford‘s Digital Skunk
Head w/ Joe Botwinski
Quick Wicked
Steve Gardner & The Condition 
Jonny Smokes
Patrick Kindy‘s In Real Life



Steve Costello
Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna
Janey Neal
Timothy Bennett-Smith‘s CIVILIZED TEARS
John Q. Public
Glenn Cannon‘s Windowpane w/Tony Abreu
Katsumi Yoshihara
Budd Zunga
Matthew Martinek
Mike Hartman

Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio

Rango Unmuzzled: Bathrobe Radio

Southern Experience
Six String Woody
Joe Funktastic
Joe Sabatini‘s Radio Silence
Alyse Black
Joe Gande
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Savage Henry by way of virtual shotgun Hal Jester \m/~

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today’s broadcast on the spreaker archive:






broadcast LIVE 12/29/2013 at The Audioburger \m/~

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