Rango Unmuzzled: Episode 60 – Wicked


#rangothedog vs #themistress

#rangothedog vs #themistress

Rango Unmuzzled: Episode 60 – Wicked 

Plagus goes behind Rango’s back and brings in The Mistress to co-host the show. Without missing a beat and true to form she starts distracting from the beginning, ultimately brings in the heavy gear, and completely derails the show. Includes at least one spank and the unmistakable sound of thigh-high leather boots on the floor.

Quick Wicked
Sweet Davis
Budd Zunga and DR. Budd Zunga’s Labratory of Sound
Joe Sabatini‘s Radio Silence
Ben Badenhorst
The Mothership
Johndus Beckman
Steve Gardner
Janey Neal
The Condition
IMG_20140413_122437_014Timothy Bennett-Smith
Jed McConkey & Tony Floyd Kenna
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Alyse Black
Matthew Meadows & Mike Hackbert
The People Now
Joe Funktastic
Coroner for the Police
MikeWhite Presents
Jack Roberts Harvey Band
Simon James White‘s SjW
Matthew Meadows / Stuart Epps / John Marter

#audioburger #rangothedog #themistress #indierock #comedy #wicked

originally broadcast LIVE at Audioburger.com 04/13/2014




The AudioBurger

The AudioBurger


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