May the Fourth Be With You (All Week Long)

Busy blog, shooting a triple today.  Starting with this week’s Audioburger goodness, short & sweet:

RangoUnmuzzled #62 – May The Fourth Be With You

Rangounmuzzled #62

Rangounmuzzled #6

Rango puts the squeeze on the show and ducks out for the spy exhibit instead. Shaving the three hour show down to 72 minutes featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Quick Wicked
Ben Badenhorst
The Mothership
Joe Funktastic
John Summers
Matthew Meadows
Mike de Velta
Savage Henry
Matthew Meadows, Stuart Epps & John Marter

#audioburger #rangothedog #maythefourthbewithyou #indie #hardrock

Next up, the Easter Sunday show, a whopping three hours certain to offend in the first 4 minutes:

Rangounmuzzled #61: Easter Bunny 420


Rangounmuzzled #61

Rangounmuzzled #61

Plagus derails the show before it even starts as Rango prepares to head out on the town to the swanky Robert Lang Studios 40th anniversary celebration.

John Summers
Johndus Beckman
The Mothership
Intisaar Jubran
Ben Badenhorst
Janey Neal
Barry Digitalskunk Burford
Joe Gande
Kara Johnstad
Sweet Davis
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Alyse Black
Joe Funktastic
Tim Hearn
Klover Jane
Jack Mustard
Quick Wicked
Rango the Dog
Matthew Meadows with Stuart Epps & John Marter

#audioburger #rangothedog #comedy #easterbunny #420 #cannabis


And finally, check out this excerpt from Sabrina Pena Young’s Liberteria:


#rangothedog sharing the roll of Simeon with vocalist Perry Cook in Sabrina Pena Young’s Liberteria.

Published on May 4, 2014

Libertaria Album:

In a post-USA Dystopia the rebel Libertaria escapes from the GenTech Factory and pairs up with her addict father Simeon to destroy evil reverse-aging scientists in this “groundbreaking” and “epic” opera by award-winning composer Sabrina Pena Young.



From Libertaria: The Virtual Opera
Lyrics/Music by Sabrina Peña Young
Performed by Perry R. Cook and Matthew Meadows (aka Rango the Dog)

(Half-drunk, half-high on the genetic drug Metal Ink, Simeon strolls about town in a mad stupor, singing to anyone or anything that will listen. In a moment of lucidity he remembers his lost daughter Lucinde, but soon he jumps back into an excited reprise of Metal Ink.)

Metal Ink
That’s the stuff we’re drinking
Half oil
Half charity
Half who knows what?
But that’s the stuff we’re drinking

To stay alive
No! Survive!

Delicious tweaking metalness
Trickling down my rusted pipes
Decaying to so much less

Oh! Metal Ink!
That’s the stuff we’re drinking
Half oil!
Half charity!
That’s the stuff we’re drinking

But have you seen my sweet Lucinde?
Black hair, or was it brown?
Hell, if I can remember it now!
Just so high
High as the sky
Burned red as blood
Will I touch your silken face again, Innocent One?

I found your doll
Under that wall
On that horrific Tuesday morning
That horrific morning
What a Tuesday mourning!

What a Tuesday mourning!

Want some ink?
What do you think?
I’m just having a drink
A swig
A taste of life
Down throat and into the zone

Metal Ink!

Cast (In Alphabetical Order):

Joe Cameron: Gabe/Chorus
Perry R. Cook: Simeon/Gabe/Miguel/Chorus
Gracia Gillund: Libertaria/Chorus
Jennifer Hermansky: New Dawn Solo/The Nurse/Chorus
Matthew Meadows: Simeon
Kate Sikora: Libertaria/Chorus
Gretchen Suarez-Pena: Lucinde/Chorus
Yvette Teel: The Nurse

Additional vocals: Alan Manuel Pena (Broken)

Directed by Sabrina Pena Young
Original score by Sabrina Pena Young

Cast Album Mastered by Patrick Rundbladh at
P.R. Music Productions.

A Special Thanks to our Kickstarter Backers who helped make this album possible, to Dr. Clare Shore for her incredible support, and to my wonderful family that has spent the last few years listening to sci-fi mayhem.

Kickstarter Backers: Christopher Sutton, Martha Richards, Brenda Hutchinson, Pamela Marshall, Clare Shore, Rain Worthington, Kat Valeza, Perry R. Cook, Patsy Rogers, Evelyn Chang, Alan Tormey, Clara Brasseur, Kristin from Buffalo, Benicorp from Brooklyn, Chris and Terry Sprague, Jason Seagraves, George W. Cook, Pat Larsen, Jose A. Tovar, Rob Peters, Stephen Gris, Matthew Meadows, Susanne Ronner Arsson, Eve from Indianapolis, and Anna Rubin.

Keep up with Libertaria film tour at the Official Libertaria: The Virtual Opera Website or LIKE Sabrina Pena Young on Facebook for the latest Opera updates!

Epic Sci-Fi Cinematic Sound and Dramatic Heart Stopping Vocals collide in this long-awaited Virtual Opera Soundtrack! Musical Theater Madness and Electronica Mayhem with 21st Century Rock Opera Insanity! Blow your mind into the next millennium!

The Libertaria Film Soundtrack has two exciting albums. Album 1 is the professionally mastered cast album featuring Kate Sikora, Gracia Gillund, Matt Meadows, Perry R. Cook, Jennifer Hermansky, Joe Cameron, Gretchen Suarez-Pena, and Yvette Teel singing over a dozen incredible tunes from soaring soprano solos to cinematic rock anthems. Album 2 is a special instrumental only Director’s Cut album for the film music buff that enjoys epic symphonic sound. This Special Edition Official Motion PIcture Soundtrack can be enjoyed as two separate albums or as one immersive sonic experience!

Lyrics and Opera Libretto/Screenplay Available at the Official Libertaria:The Virtual Opera Website.


The AudioBurger

The AudioBurger

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