Rango Unmuzzled 64 – Bitness

Rangounmuzzled Episode 64 – Bitness

In the interest of computer science Rango challenges Plagus to count and the show procedes to fall apart from there. Weaved into the fabric of fail: waxing philosophical on computers and social media, encoded messages, sound bites from NASA, and a big reveal at the end connecting all the dots. Featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Rango Unmuzzled: Bitness

Rango Unmuzzled: Bitness

Katsumi Yoshihara
Quick Wicked
Simon James White
Steve Costello
(some dude that went into the snow)
Tim Hearn
Shade Law
Jack Mustard
Budd Zunga
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Barry Digitalskunk Burford
Alyse Black
Ben Badenhorst
Savage Henry
Matthew Meadows, Stuart Epps and John Marter

Sound clips courtesy of NASA.

Broadcast LIVE at The Audioburger 05/18/2014

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The AudioBurger

The AudioBurger


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