5x the #Fail with T-Mobile


Make the Call

Make the Call

T-Mobile you should be ashamed of your customer service.  Today was a disaster, $150 to “service the warranty”, apparently a standard deductible for garbage these days.

I thought I paid for the top-shelf warranty, best I could get.  Turns out it wasn’t very good, again.

They’re telling me because this phone has minor cosmetic damage to the display that they won’t honor the warranty, even though the reason we’re bringing it in is because the cheap micro-USB adapter socket is munged and the thing won’t except a charge.


Rango the Dog

Rango the Dog

This is why they’re losing my business forever.  This my 5th phone that’s failed from them, and they’ve never once given me respectable service.  I’ve never walked out of one of their stores with a replacement phone, and their coverage area here in the Seattle area is absolutely dreadful!!!  I’ve never once seen 4 bars on my phone, even right by their offices in Bellevue, and at my house in Kenmore 10 miles away i get zero bars consistently.

I’ll take this one step further and point out that the people working the customer service counter at the Totem Lake Store were horribly inept and indifferent to the contiuum of product failure and miserable customer service.  All they did was give me an 800 number to call and try to shoo me away from the counter (the “warranty service number” was closed for the evening). What’s really shameful is that they sell you on this notion that you’ll be able to get service at their stores,  as if you can just bring your phone in and they’ll be able to help you.  Actually they just outsource it to a third party that sends you to a website that sends you to an 800 number that sends you to voice mail jail.

Fortunately there’s an AT&T store in the same shopping center.  I’m switching as soon as i can get out of my awful contract with them.  They’ve failed in every respect, service area, quality of product, and customer service, as long as I’ve been an unhappy customer, which is since day one.



Also previously:


(Yes there were three more previous incidents of phone failure, all with equally horrible customer service.  I’ll spare you the boredom)


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