Rango Unmuzzled #67 – Solar Roadways

Rango follows up the big night at Seattle’s Unfuck the World event by losing all sense of time on the DJ console. A sprawling 3 hour show with a tribute to Garth Hockersmith, Johnny Smokes and The People Now, with segments on war, rocketism, and straight-up sexy. Includes blatant revisionist history, songs that did not happen on the live show, and the unmuzzled artistry of:

Rango Unmuzzled 67

Rango Unmzzuled 67

Garth Hockersmith & The People Now
Jonny Smokes
Rain Light Fade
Savage Henry
Jack Mustard
Quick Wicked
Ever-so-android ( Drew Murray & Hope Simpson )
Johndus Beckman
Janey Neal
Shallow Point
John Summers
Carlos Wilde
Sweet Davis
Joe Gande
Jack Roberts Harvey Band
Steve Costello
The Adarna
Joe Sabatini‘s Radio Silence
The Starving Artists
The Mothership with Will Andrews
Matthew Meadows / Stuart Epps / John Marter
Ben Badenhorst
Budd Zunga from DR. Budd Zunga’s Labratory of Sound
Simon James White‘s SjW

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Rango Unmuzzled 67

Rango Unmuzzled 67

shared on Fandalism:

archived on Soundcloud:

original Spreaker podcast:

broadcast LIVE at The Audioburger on 06/08/2014

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