Rango Unmuzzled: Father’s Day LIVE from Washington, DC


Father's Day LIVE from Washington DC

Father’s Day LIVE from Washington DC

Rangounmuzzled #68 – Father’s Day LIVE from Washington DC

Rango pulls out all the stops in this live broadcast from Washington DC, with a full plate of hard rock, all the sexy in the house, commentary on commendable fathers, the tragic customer service situation at T-Mobile, and a copiously long rant about the state of affairs in the USA touching on Iraq, Syria’s chemical weapons, the abject failure and lies of the Bush administration, the crisis in Obama’s leadership, the flow of military technology from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to local law enforcement, the outrageous arrogance of Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, and all things internet as per Wayne Glad Stone‘s 5-star treatise “notes from the internet apocalypse”.

Father's Day LIVE from Washington DC

Father’s Day LIVE from Washington DC

Featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Quick Wicked
Jonny Smokes
Glenn Cannon‘s Windowpane with Tony Abreu
Joe Funktastic
Saint John and the Revelations
Sweet Davis
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Jed McConkey
Simon James White‘s SjW
Carlos Wilde
Matthew Meadows Music
Ever-so-android featuring Drew Murray and Hope Simpson
Steve Gardner & The Condition
Jenni French & Matthew Meadows
Johndus Beckman
The Mothership with Will Andrews
Joe Sabatini‘s Radio Silence
Garth Hockersmith and The People Now (makeup by Robyn Wilson)
Rain Light Fade
Justin E Kautzman
Joel A Heslop‘s mr spoon
Barry Digitalskunk Burford ( aka dubby, he’s a genious  )
Katsumi Yoshihara ( nicest guy on facebook / #guitarhero )
Steve Costello ( resident prodigy )
the Jack Roberts Harvey Band

with shout-outs to Annmarie Champness of the emerald city illuminati and Xana La Fuente (sorry about your underwear drawers).

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Broadcast LIVE from Washington, DC at The Audioburger:

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