Rangounmuzzled episode 71 – #brother

Rango on the Swampdeck

Rango on the Swampdeck

Rangounmuzzled episode 71 – #brother

Rango is waiting for his brother to arrive on a plane, but leaves the show to Plagus who doesn’t even understand the concept. Featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Timothy Bennett-Smith
M. James & the Significant Mothers
Ké Tû
Jack Mustard
Budd Zunga & DR. Budd Zunga’s Labratory of Sound
Joe Gande
Stinktier & Honig / Barry Digitalskunk Burford
Hetty Bryce-Lane

Rango Unmuzzled 71: Brother

Rango Unmuzzled 71: Brother

Kerry J Kelley
Sweet Davis
Volume Conflict
Steve Gardner & The Condition
John Q. Public
John Summers
Alyse Black
Matthew Meadows
Patrick Kindy

#rangothedog \m/~

Broadcast LIVE at The Audioburger 08/10/2014


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