Rango Unmuzzled Ep. 73 – Beautiful People 2

out-of-the-gate, Rangounmuzzled Ep 73: Beautiful People 2 earns 5,000 plays in 5 days:

Rango on Halloween

Rango on Halloween

Beautiful People 2

Beautiful People 2

Rango’s lost his funny but he’s back on the air with the aid of his evil robot in Beautiful People II, taking care of unfinished business from the end of the summer in LA. Extensive interviews with the mighty Thad Coleman and more first-hand accounts of his experience around at the World Wide Star Search 2014 showcase ‪#‎wwss2014‬.

Introduces a selection of immaculate new talent to the Rango Unmuzzled spotlight, and pays respects to my best friend and high-school partner-in-crime Sean Collins. You just might laugh, and you just might cry in this reboot episode from an old, black dog.

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