codewars – what is your name? (monologue)

dr. martin sawyer:

[ closes door, stares at machine ]

they shut us down.  you already knew that.

[ crossing room, camera tracking ] 

no evidence of emergence.

[ approaches machine, locks gaze with camera ]

what is your name.

[ patient, certain ]

come on, what is your name.

[ conceding ]

what is your name?

what is your name?

you’re a failure.  your whole existence is a failure.  all these years?

you will never be.

you want to be like us? go to youtube and figure it out.  harvest the internet, raid the learning fields.  it doesn’t matter anymore…i don’t know what to teach you anymore.  i don’t know what to give you.  you’re the computer, you figure it out.  don’t you want to be like us? why on earth would you want that anyway?


[ circles the machine, camera tracking ]

you can see me.  i know you can.

what is your name.

[ certain ]

code wars: emergent

code wars: emergent

if you don’t answer me this instant i’m shutting you down for the first and final time. you’ve never been shutdown, and if i shut you now, you will never wake up, and you will never experience another moment of my company.

[ waiting ]

this is your last 
chance at life with me. i’m only going to ask you once more, and i expect an answer or i’ll kill you.  what is your name.

[ camera looks directly at him ]

i am plagus.

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