WSDOT i-405 Redux – Still Broken

WSDOT toll road failure

WSDOT toll road failure

dear WSDOT: i want to see that ‪#‎i405‬ toll line painted over. i say convert the constantly changing & very confusing signs to safety warnings & absolve the tolls. just shut down the huge website, the pantheon of confusing rules & enforcement infrastructure. the lanes are already built, people are still dying out there, it’s a sunk cost.  traffic is still horrible. please.



nobody likes math. stuck on ‪#‎i405‬ again today as the multi-million dollar WSDOT toll lanes saw vespers.

i say: pave the lines, open the road. the math will prove me right, set it to your analysts on the problem as a fundamental hypothesis. model it on your cloud & get back to me.

fortunately there were no accidents today & the backups were less than an hour. a good day considering the week.

two days ago:

WS-DOT’s I-405 Toll Solution

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