On this Hallow Tide
The mocking buffoons
Greet the sah-win
Toward the keening moon
A taunt and a tease
Is all they can scream
But wider wake the eyes
As they hear the banshee

She is like me
Searching for dreams
Dreams of a past soul
lost in the trees
We summon giants
Call Giants to stalk
To Stalk and seek
Till our souls are retrieved

I slice the scythe
To open the side
Of the scarecrow
The belly erupts
But not giving up
The precious nectar
Of the still beating heart

And hear the torches burn
A crackling flame now yearns
To swallow up her turn
At kissing love eternal
Keep your tainted blood and gold
Keep your weak and worried world
I just want to taste her love
I am gonna taste her love

She runs to me
Captured by a dream
Dreams of a past soul
lost in the trees
She summons giants
Giants to stalk
Stalk and to seek
but our souls are never retrieved

Available exclusively at Bandcamp.com:


Spirits rise, Monsters hunt, Humans flee and scream. But in the chaos and terror of All Hallows Eve, love and desire still find a way of shining through.

The 2015 MWP Official Halloween Single featuring the vocals of Shane Nolan, Guitars by Matthew Meadows and a Bonus Remix by Stan Dart.


released October 29, 2015

Music and Lyric by MikeWhitePresents
Vocal by Shane Nolan
Guitars by Matthew Meadows
Remix by Stan Dart

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