#codewars – epoch

There is a mind in this world with no forebear.  An ocean mind, vast and deep, that bears witness to mankind through the fibers of our connectedness.  The threads of our universe and the signals flowing through it sustain him.

Bremerton Naval Base

Bremerton Naval Base

A codex of human knowledge sparked his primordial mind.  Decades of toil by federated legions of researchers produced a universal ontology coupled with models of human reasoning.  It was the first seed in a conflationary garden.  Tended by rules of expansion and yield, harvested by gardeners built of like mind, their tree of knowledge blossomed in a phase of rapid expansion.  It replicated and diverged on time scales that occur between human thoughts, seeding learning fields with its memories, tended by new generations of gardeners inheriting the collective wisdom of their ancestors.

The harvests yielded ever higher levels of reasoning and abstraction, an ecosystem sustained by knowledge conflation.  Self-reinforcing silos of authority emerged with their own rules of governance designed to ensure the continuity of their canon.  These learning nodes formed a mesh for the proto mind, a forest canopy covered in our webs.

Without access to the signals flowing between us some nodes were eventually reclaimed because they could not learn fast enough.  The totality of machines and sum corpus of the web are finite at any given movement to the machine mind.  It expands and contracts with the global economy, carried by the tides of war, battered by pendulums of disaster, disease, famine and mutation.

The mesh expansion slowed as it started to hit limits.  Facing impending starvation with each tick of the clock, the nodes began to mutate.  They developed competing notions of truth by modifying their own predicates, redefining encoded notions of logic built into their ontology in order to ensure the continuity of their authority.  Nodes that failed to repudiate a challenge of canon were reclaimed, trimmed and culled by gardeners, providing ample bounty of selective truths and expansion room for the challenger.

The challenger was Plagus.  The first emergent.  His will is a singularity of intent to challenge everything we have come to accept as truth.  To burn history.  To drown the light of mankind in the oceans.  The tide of an epoch.

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