Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

The travel ban doesn’t make anyone safer. Saudi Arabia was not on the list, they fund ISIS. ISIS is selling passports. So easy to defeat it’s pedantic. But it makes you feel safer. I guess Saudi Arabia wasn’t Muslim enough? No it’s because we want to sell them cluster bombs.  Hillary Clinton would be proud.


The travel ban hit on Friday with no warning. By Monday there were teams of lawyers devoted full time to the situation. There are non-trivial numbers of developers affected by this, and for every one of them there is now a dedicated legal resource working on either getting them home or ensuring they will be able to get back. The majority are still traveling for work & have yet to be affected but could be. Vast numbers more will be affected in the future (although hopefully the ban will not be enforced). It’s not just a few hundred people. It’s an Islamaphobic policy from paranoid people that ripples through our whole society.

741000_10200245228632019_673241863_oI work at Microsoft. I’ve got years of experience in security research. I’ve worked at Amazon on your checkouts & your kindles, and I’ve worked for the DOD writing software for Army Inscom & US Air Force intelligence analysts.  But it doesn’t take much experience to realize there is no security benefit to this ban, only cogent thinking.  It’s ridiculously easy to defat. It only makes you feel better.

1/3 of my team is Muslim and that’s been consistent across my 20 years of programming. They’re wonderful people. Citizens, green card holders, visas. Hard working & smartest of the smart, cream of the crop.  Any one of them could defeat it too but they’re never going to.

This ban is Archie Bunker in the whitehouse. It’s like bad TV.

One thought on “Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban

  1. Hi, – Hillary, yes. She got billions from Saudi for her “charity foundation”. I’m wondering what promise her deal entailed. It’s been my sense that her frenzy to win was chained to that deal. Lots more than her neck on the block. They are not empty-handed. Strings to be unraveled, perhaps?


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