doubt redux

i went to the correct garage twice, then decided i was wrong. took me hours of walking in the rain. talked to the guards, up & down elevators, skywalks & skyscrapers. i was right. but i doubted myself. finally, i talked to enough people. i retraced my steps back to my first instinct. ( i also used #googlemaps location feature since my brain is addled & weak, and i’m very tired )

<<beep beep>> 14-year-old-matrix.

16602539_10211649895381560_1186742158724929769_obeen pushing that button for hours. cell phone dead. miserable rain. more rain. people that just want to go home. all the parking lots look the same, the rates are the same.  the matrix is the same.

“where the fuck is my car” – rango

now i know them all by heart. goodness. i could fly a drone through there. it’s a huge complex, acres & acres of signs. towers with beautiful views & wrong doors because. vastly interesting & easily distracted. i took pictures in my mind, my camera bag was wet.

i mixed up one critical thing. there was no EV station. there was a pay station & a sign, a glimmer of hope. maybe there was a poster. and I wasn’t on level 1, I was on level 1.5. something fuzzy like that. that’s how doubt works.

all i could think about was her, so #derp  \m/~

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