Loaded Cannon

Minneapolis is a loaded cannon right now.

The last thing anybody needs during the worst global pandemic in 100 years that disproportionately affects black people is to watch an old school execution by a white cop against a handcuffed black man while his cop buddies stood around and did nothing. Blue shield. Acquiescence to evil is evil.

George Floyd died begging to breathe and crying out for his mom. While pedestrians filmed it. Whey they pleaded with the cop to stop he applied more pressure and when they stepped forward to intervene he threatened them with mace.

The cop’s an avid Trump supporter. That is not a coincidence. The alt-right, white-power racists that are part of Trump’s base have been encouraged by his hate and cruel indifference. They feel justified in their racism because they think they are superior.

They act that way online as well. Everyone’s a libtard or a sheeple or a covidiot. They are shameless in their racist epithets and lead every argument with ad hominems. They want to feel superior.

The only way someone can slowly murder an innocent man live on Facebook and show no remorse is if he feels superior. Even a twisted mind needs to rationalize murder. They deserved it. They had it coming.

Racism is a maladaptive emotional response to societal pressure. So are sexism and homophobia, and the Trump kakistocracy is all in. They voted for a guy who’s blatantly racist and sexist and “loves the uneducated”. They lined up and had a parade.

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