President Karen Bonespurs

Sir Blocksalot had a very busy weekend. Responded to hundreds of comments between the riots and the press conferences and my newsfeed. As expected I was called an idiot, libtard, sheeple, covidiot and a bot by Trump supporters who are incapable of presenting a coherent argument, so they resort to ad hominems just like Super Duper Missile daddy.

He’s their hero, President Karen Bonespurs, currently hiding in a bunker, afraid of US citizens protesting centuries of a violent, racist police state and the system that supports them. Starting with him. Shithole countries. That woman. The blacks. When the looting starts the shooting starts. If we don’t test, there won’t be as many cases.

Like all cowards, Trump refuses to accept blame. He and his supporters blame the Chinese, Antifa, George Soros, Obama and Bill Gates, all the while insisting on what a great job he’s doing. A case study in verbal masturbation for the ages.

Meanwhile there is a mountain of eyewitness testimony about the role of white nationalist agent provocateurs. Literally every person in my Facebook feed who was on the ground during the protests and subsequent riots made the same observations independently.

We should not be surprised. Trump is a racist man-child. His supporters wave AR-15’s around at legislators in the Michigan capitol demanding a haircut, because virus. He encourages them to violently revolt, and just like when he told them in 2016 he “loves the uneducated” they lined up and had a parade.

They are literally so stupid they don’t realize they are the butt of the joke, an international and historical embarrassment. But they think they’re smart, so smart they don’t have to refute any arguments or present any evidence to support their position. They simply diminish you, insult you, and treat you as inferior. Just like Trump does.

Which is exactly how racism works.

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