The Cusp of Civil War

Last night I watched videos of Seattle Police Department officers trashing their own car, smashing the windows of a downtown business, and saw photographs of them pepper-spraying a small child.

Tonight I watched officers in DC arresting peaceful protesters after President Karen Bonespurs declared a 7PM curfew from the safety of his bunker, where he was hiding like the pathetic racist coward he is, blaming Antifa even though all the eyewitness reports fingered white nationalists.

Now I’m watching protesters in NYC peacefully protesting and singing but they seem to have forgotten Covid-19 is a thing. While their solidarity is encouraging, there is going to be a brutal cost. You will pay the piper, there is no getting around it.

Amazing how many stupid Trumpsters think it’s Antifa behind the arsons and violence. Just because he said so. Despite a preponderance of evidence and eyewitness reports calling out white nationalists as the accelerants and agent provocateurs. The same guy that brought you windmill cancer, Revolutionary War airports and logic like “If you don’t test there won’t be as many cases”. They are the most gullible, intellectually and morally compromised people in the country. And they think they’re smart and virtuous. They’re neither.

The actual death toll from the slow-motion murder of George Floyd on Facebook Live is going to number in the thousands if not more. Both cops and civilians. It’s a war now, in no uncertain terms.

“Fuck your curfew” – massive crowd of protesters in NYC.

If you’re a praying person now would be the time. We are at the cusp of civil war amid the worst pandemic in 100 years and the president is a clown in a charge of a kakistocracy that preys on racial fears and ignorance.

Things are going to get worse before they get better. Covid-19 has not going away, it’s going to become endemic, and racism has never been mitigated in my lifetime, and won’t. Not when 60 million white evangelicals and good old boys incapable of reading a cereal box support the orange clown.

We’re going to need another 100,000 body bags. At least.

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