What About Me

Stop with the All Lives Matter. That’s pure whataboutism, somewhere between deflection and gaslighting.

It’s like saying what about abortion. What about starving children in Africa. What about victims of abuse. What about abandoned puppies. What about the economy, spending on NASA or the military.

What you’re really saying is what about me.

Unarmed, innocent white people are not getting choked out and ruthlessly executed in slow motion on Facebook Live as they beg for mercy, plead for breath, their last breath and cry out for their mother. Murdered by a sociopathic cop who literally keeps his hand in his pocket and shows no signs of compassion or remorse or even any concern about being filmed live in the act as pedestrians begged him to stop.

It’s been going on my entire life, and for generations before.
In fact armed white people with the stated intent of disrupting government and issuing direct threats of civil uprising, encouraged by Trump, are allowed to walk around the capitol steps in Lansing & threaten legislators wearing bullet-proof vests with their AR-15s from the balcony. They even get to take a selfie. Because virus. And haircut. And white.

It’s not about you. It’s about us. At one point in our ancient history roughly 70,000 years ago the entire species of homo sapiens was reduced to less than 5,000 thousand people. Estimates of breeding pairs are as low as 40.
What happened was a super volcano called Toba, in Sumatra, popped off and sent 2800 cubic kilometers of ash and debris into the sky. That’s 2,800 Mt St. Helens worth of volcano. Death from above. It “dimmed the sun for six years, disrupted seasonal rains, choked off streams and scattered whole cubic miles of hot ash across acres and acres of plants”.

It triggered the next Ice Age. Which we survived.

It also delivered to our genome evolutionary changes that improved people’s chance of surviving and reproducing. Examples included resistance to one of Africa’s great scourges, the virus causing Lassa fever; partial resistance to other diseases, such as malaria, among some African populations; changes in skin pigmentation and development of hair follicles among Asians, and the evolution of lighter skin and blue eyes in northern Europe.

Your increased cranial capacity over our ancient ancestors is likely because of a virus. Your brain got so big your cerebral cortex is fighting for space with your wisdom teeth. There is some evidence to suggest it was a virus that affected gene MYH16, and some people never even develop wisdom teeth anymore. They’re a vestigial organ.

Every person alive today shares over 99% of the same DNA. And we are all descendants of those same tribes that survived the volcano and the viruses out of Africa.

Race is an artificial construct. We’re all the same species. We can breed together, and do. We’re all basically the same but different. All racial lines are blurry and the farther back you go the more blurry they become.

Racism however is a deliberately imposed belief system. And we live in a country with a history of brutal racism, a racist head of state, a kakistocracy that leads with “shit hole countries”, “the blacks”, and “fine people” on both sides of white supremacy.

Of course all lives matter. So do unborn babies and puppies. So do your feelings. But both historically and currently our society doesn’t treat us all with the same value. It’s a crime against humanity that’s been going on for centuries, particularly egregious in the USA. Check your white privilege at the door and support your black brothers and sisters. First and foremost.

We are all family, separated by a few hundred generations or less. But we don’t treat each other that way. So don’t inject yourself into the debate. Don’t diminish their suffering. Don’t make it about you. It’s about us.

#blm #blacklivesmatter

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