Waste of Pixels

If we’re having a dispute on Facebook about current events and you pull out a Fox News link to prove your point you can expect the following result:

A) I’ll watch 30 seconds to a minute of your link. I’ll fast forward to see if it actually presents any facts to support your argument. It won’t, but will double down on your argument in the absence of said facts. It’s basically Trump TV, no better than North Korean news.

B) I’ll win the argument. Because parroting what you heard on Fox News without presenting any verifiable facts only proves that you’re incapable of presenting a coherent argument. This is the point where you call me libtard, sheeple, covidiot and bot, because ad hominems are the province of an intellectually and morally compromised electorate.

C) You’ll think you won the argument, because you saw it on Fox News. Argument ad verecundiam is second only to ad hominem attacks proving you can’t present a coherent argument supported by observable and verifiable facts. And this point will be lost on you because irony is lost on fools.

D) I’ll give you a zesty send-off and lighten my load. Waste of time, waste of pixels. Sir Blocksalot says have a nice day without me.

Just had one of these arguments with a long-time acquaintance on Facebook. I presented a half-dozen articles backing up my position. She stated categorically she didn’t follow any of the links I posted, but gave me a link to a Fox News article that would have made Kim proud. And made Super Duper Missile Daddy proud, too.

She was openly racist but thinks she’s not. Her sister piled on as well, also openly racist and didn’t bother to follow any of the links during our polite disagreement. Total waste of my time. Racists think they’re not. Stupid people think they’re smart. Evil thinks it’s good.

It’s a post-American world. Nothing’s changed except that our proclivity for ignorance and bias is proudly on display. Proud Boys for lack of a better term. The Trump kakistocracy is a global and historic embarrassment with 100,000 body bags on its bloody hands, the highest unemployment since the Great Depression, and cities burning down due to racially incited violence. Meanwhile President Karen Bonespurs is hiding in his bunker sucking on his binky and parading around with a Bible, ordering tear gas, rubber bullets and flashbangs on peaceful protesters, but never once stepping foot into a church.

Waste of time, waste of pixels. History will burn them all

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