The Colors of War

Portland 2020.

The stormtroopers are there by executive order of Donald Trump. Drunk on power with itchy trigger fingers and moral corrosion, Trump’s private army is inciting war with the citizens of Portland. Every eyewitness account I’ve read from the protests in Portland says the same thing. Every video I’ve watched from the streets, including live broadcasts, backs them up.

It’s the federales that are escalating. They’re deliberately provoking and attacking protesters and journalists, falsely blaming them for the escalations and arresting them. Murmurs and bogus social media pages blame Antifa for the escalation, a convenient boogeyman.

Paramilitary forces with no identification have even snatched people off the streets and taken them to secret detainment locations, a signature move of authoritarian regimes and fascist dictators.

If the protesters were demanding retribution for the toppling of racist Confederate monuments they would have Trump’s blessing and constant praise on Twitter. But they’re protesting for racist, militarized US police to treat black suspects just like everybody else. In Trump’s world that’s tantamount to treason.

If you’re Trump and your dad marched with the KKK, if you took out a full-page ad calling for the execution of innocent black teenagers for a Central Park rape they did not commit, if you think black people all come from “shithole countries”, a protest for justice and fair treatment for black citizens at the hands of law enforcement is a euphemism for riot.

If Trump wants a war he’s getting one. He’ll lose, and the revolution will be televised. On loop, ad nauseum, a cautionary tale.

Trump and everyone associated with him will be regarded by history for what they are. Every sycophantic politician in his kakistocracy and every ignorant supporter in his clown parade gullible and stupid enough to rally behind a fascist dictator has established a permanent record on social media and the internet at large that shows their true colors.

Not red, white and blue. No doubt that’s how they see themselves, so tone deaf they can’t discriminate between patriotism and blind loyalty. More like the green and brown camouflage on the fatigues of Trump’s secret police. The colors of a traitor. The colors of war.

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