Follow the Black Dog

Consider following the old black dog, he knows where to find mojo. For instance, Tim Hearn‘s back porch. Fully aglow I imagine. This is what that rascal did today when he wasn’t digging in the garbage and pretending he couldn’t speak human:

1) Pick one of your favorite songs from the artists you’ve heard here. (If you haven’t heard any or not enough to have any favorites, <shame on you>, got to remedial training at Matthew Meadows Music or go home).
2) Check your inventory. Do you own it? Not do you <have> it, do you own it? They showered you with joy/hate/blood/sweat/tears/, they may have even given it to you for free despite their frequently tragic financial position.
3) Own it. Then listen to it again and try to hear every note. Joe Satriani frequently referred to it as Having Big Ears(TM). Seriously, listening is a skill just like writing and speaking but it needs to be exercised and developed. While your freshly minted tunage is playing and delivering whatever thingy floated your boat in step 2, spend the equivalent amount of time giving it a thoughtful review on the sight you bought it from.

So what did the old dog dig up today? Kara Johnstad. You want to talk about blazing a path and living the dream? Fancy lady \m/.


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The Lovely Kara Johnstad

Kara Johnstad: Jazz singer, composer, actress, coach.


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