Distinct Lack of Net

I’ve been making some opaque references here lately:

“You cannot serve two masters.”
“Notes distinct lack of net”
“Walks away from gold mine, goes for platinum”

Now I’m pleased to announce that this month I’m leaving Predixion Software in order to devote as much time and energy possible to my work as an entertainer and the related development of my pet project, Glacier. The plan is to continue working as a programmer on contract for the 6 to 18 months while I ramp up existing monetization mechanisms (CD/music sales, affiliate network commissions, etc) and develop new ones (serving ads through Glacier & Rangothedogg.com, eventually all of Etherati.com, paid acting & modeling, and graphic art & design through R.Dogg Media).

Matthew Meadows, CEO & Janitor at Matthew Meadows Music

Matthew Meadows, CEO & Janitor at Matthew Meadows Music


Now, about the the “distinct lack of net”. Timing here is actually not convenient here (read:horrible), but the way you leave your job is just as important as the way you start it. You can’t leave people hanging, you don’t want to delay a release or make things harder on people than they already are. Consequently I’ve already given notice even though I don’t have any other work lined up yet. While that may seem rash and foolish to you (and may in fact be rash and foolish), without going into details suffice it to say it was really the only option that made sense for everybody. And it was the right choice, because I’m leaving behind a raving band of mad geniuses, to be sure, but they’re friends first, as evidence by their willingness to contribute good will and references to my efforts to find new work suitable to my (somewhat complicated) temperament.

I haven’t updated my resume on Linked In, nor have I peppered every recruiter in 50 miles with a copy of it. This is the first public acknowledgement of what’s been discussed privately for days and contemplated for months. Unfortunately this move represents a more dramatic level of risk than I am comfortable with, but this is the very reason I picked up my life and moved from Austin to Seattle in October of 2005 (it’s been raining ever since). This place is a technology mecca, over 500 software companies alone, not to mention giants like Boeing. I’m a capable programmer and historically do very well in interviews. I even had one this morning, it went very well, and I’m going to wait until I hear back before I even start looking for another. However, it’s not a foregone conclusion, there may be other candidates that are far better suited (“LOOK FRANK, THIS ONE HAS A DEGREE AND IS NOT RANGO”). Consequently I’m putting up my shingle and later today I’ll be updating my resume on Linked In. Here’s my shingle:

WANTED: Sign that says “WANTED: Guitarist”

…what a dreamer. here’s the other shingle:

I can do anything for $75/HR. Anything = programming, complex analysis, technical writing including illustration, graphic art & design, video editing including still animation, developing content including scripts, music, and marketing materials, and consulting services. Volume discounts available for contracts longer than 60 days.

Onward through the fog,

\m/ (-.-) \m/

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