Operation Rango: Trademarked(TM)

i’d like to trademark the use of the trademark symbol(TM) on posts. that shit will be forever funny to me. like this (randomly):

RANGO: plagus, rack ’em up.
PLAGUS: it’s done, r.dogg.
RANGO: good boy.
PLAGUS: That’s My Line(TM)

Test Shot-11

Test Shot-11. Duh. Somewhat popeish-no?

^^^ note the use of the proper-noun capitalization. i for one eschew (say it) the use of capitals for delimiting sentences predicated on the notion that as long as you have punctuation you’re wasting key strokes that don’t deliver meaningful information. also in favor of sticking it to that dude who wrote Elements of Style. Strunk? Strup? sounded like a bow-tie dude. anyway, you need them to delimit the proper noun that is your literary moniker for all time to claim in defiance of any other who would use the same words the same way. they’re your words, you have them trademarked, you own them, which begs the question:

do you own your words? or do they own you?

i prefer to use mine as weapons in the war against lameness and boredom, also when things get sexy, but YMMV <– Already Trademarked(TM).


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