Rango the Dog vs. Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers

if you’re going to charge my health insurance company $35,000 i think it’s only reasonable that you’re providing services predicated on clinical efficacy and follow the established normatives for other health care providers. that’s why i’ve decided to publicly declare my intent to sue Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers for their abject failure to meet both criteria. this organization was entrusted to care for somebody very close to me during a personal crisis.



i cannot reveal details of this person’s identity other than to say that during the course of the required family group meetings i expressed concern that this person wasn’t receiving effective treatment. i voiced an objection to their policy of treating everybody in group therapy without providing in-depth psychoanalytical skills like cognitive behavioral therapy or considerations for personal circumstances such as living with a bipolar polymath, or a traumatic divorce. i inquired about their efforts to track and improve their recovery rates since they were statistically no better than chance.

for all of my decidedly polite observations and inquiries i was told to (paraphrasing here) “sit down and shut up and be team player and that the patient was no different from anybody else”. i was shamed publicly as part of their protocol repeatedly by multiple counselors. their counselors allowed other family members to demonstrate extreme aggression to me without any efforts to disarm or mitigate clearly spiteful and slanderous aggression that i refused to address.

during the ensuing incarceration/therapy, which has proven to be wholly ineffective and for which we were charged roughly $35,000, this dependant never received significant or effective independent consultation but did routinely learn how peers were more effectively committing their crimes and thus actually became more habituated to the terms of their admission. i’m confident that independently collected and analyzed evidence will support the claim that this company and the performers and staff that work for them are a money-making institution working without substantiated evidence of efficacy, and with this information i intend to expose them and shut them down.

consider this a sidebar until i find a legal advocate willing to work on commission, but i’m taking my intent to wage this campaign publicly before more people face financial hardship and increased personal trauma by doing business with this company. remember, it’s a money-making company, purely a financial endeavor. 12-step gold, baby. my advice is do not take your loved ones here, based on my subjective experience and observations there’s evidence they will come out in worse shape than they went in, but with the tools to navigate social impediments to their addictions more effectively than when they were admitted.

Matthew Meadows

Matthew Meadows

i must say the meetings are very entertaining, one step short of a 3rd rate Vaudeville act, literally featuring a bunch of “recovery” comedians teaching “the 12-step message”, much better than the 20 year old VHS tapes they showed repeatedly, but from this programmer’s point of view the system is decidedly lacking tractable data and not accountable for any results, whereas i am 100% accountable for my co-pay. they could at least afford DVD’s if the patients have to watch the same programs over and over again for weeks on end.

so i’m going to sue them, but this post and ensuing threads here, on Twitter, Socl, Google+ and my WordPress site at rangothedog.com will be my only acknowledgement on the topic until i get legal further consultation. and on the radio, of course, and the rest of the internet, but otherwise i’m going to be very hush-hush except when i’m blogging about it and sharing links to this post and the forthcoming flood of dissertations where i contact other patients and their families personally and broadcast their stories to the world.

buh-bye, milam, you guys got enough money now scoot before you do more harm.


3 thoughts on “Rango the Dog vs. Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers

  1. Matthew,
    My name is Andrew and I currently attend the lakeside milam in Issaquah, wa I also feel the same and would like to provide the thought of a class action lawsuit…..


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