Operation Rango: Coming Unmuzzled

Snapshot000056you can tell i’m unemployed and on Facebook too much, and a touch hypomanic (plagus: just a touch). you know, auditioning for an NBC singing show that demands contestants compete against each other on the premise they can sing opera, rap, jazz, pop, and anything in between, competing against thousands. my Klout score increased by an entire point in the last <day>, on the scale of 1 to 100, a 72, which is “average” to folks grading a paper but in the Klout index something like 90% of the population is below the 50 mark. Microsoft Research, who recently released me from my contract on their social website and as they try to build a social network product that nobody cares about, flopping at a hilarious 48 (many of you trounce that, even some of my fans here are more influential than they are). Transformers super-star, pin-up hotty and celebrity tweet addict Megan Fox? 78. reiterating: i’m a 72. last i knew DJ Ashba, lead guitarist of Guns & Roses, was a 76. getting up there, baby, and this post is potentially visible to over 1,000,000+ people, but statistically probably seen only by a few hundred that are reading <right><now> since it’s one of 50+ posts of made today and includes a link so Facebook won’t show it to 75% to 90% of you (so they can suck it, right? how lame is that? triple lame, really weak, epic fail, there are no words…wait i think tim has words).

golfwall21love you guys, thanks for an awesome day. still unemployed but not sitting on this dock forever. and facebook, as Tim Hearn so eloquently described his flu, “sucks ass”, since they blocked me again for specious bullshit and arrogance and hatred of their users and a policy of strong-handedness bordering on extortion. start coming to my blog for your rango bits, images with every post, embedded music and graphics, and direct links to my music (not reverb), my videos (ok, youtube, they’re next), and the best of my posts (less spammy, more nutritious and wholesome). its just way better on my own site but only a small number of you are there. well, guess what? i got facebook’s message today, loud and clear: they hate me, they hate musicians and people with balls enough to ask for an introduction on a social network. so they can suck it. lights are dimming on the new MySpace, and i’m expecting to get permanently locked out at any point.what a steamer. i’d rather be homeless than work for those cretins, and i’m looking at exactly that, with no job, no health insurance, and losing my house. better to have a spine and moral fortitude.\m/ (-.-) \m/https://rangothedog.com/

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