Rango Unmuzzled: Episode XXII 22/24 JQP

Rango Unmuzzled: Episode XXII - 22 24 JQP

Rango Unmuzzled: Episode XXII – 22 24 JQP

Rango Unmuzzled: Episode XXII – LIVE from the Swamp Deck July 7th 2013

Exclusive World Premiere of 22 24 by Matt Young / John Q. Public

Rango brings spotlight focus on tracks from Matt Young / John Q. Public’s Greed, culminating in the world premiere of an Audioburger Radio Shows / Rangounmuzzled exclusive track: 22 24. Includes songs from Savage Henry, The People Now, JC Flow, Triage Revival Project, Joe Funktastic, Shade Law, Simon James White, Traffic Experiment, Matthew Martinek, Steve Gardner, Kara Johnstad, Patrick Kindy, Tim Hearn, Beth Hart, Volume Conflict, Janey Neal, Parker Bombshell, Civilized Tears, Jed McConkey, Dai Sharkey, Simon Collins, Ariel Eschar, MikeWhitePresents and other artists as Rango pays tribute to Franklin and finally brings an end to the 10 episode run of Season III: Agency.


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