Matthew Meadows – Software Engineer

Software engineer in the Seattle area, most recently employed by NanoString.  Over a career spanning from 1995 to present I have worked for both startups and enterprise customers including Microsoft and Amazon, developing both backend services and frontend UI.  Currently active skill set includes Html 5, CSS3, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Asp.NET, C# and Node, MS-SQL and Postgres.

Nanostring Technologies
1/2020 – 11/2022

Seattle, WA

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer employed by NanoString working on the GeoMX DSP R&D team.  Duties included debugging existing code, extending the feature set with new code and servicing tickets in Azure DevOps.  Toolset included Angular 7, Javascript, C#, Postgres, Docker, Typescript, Powershell.

Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit
10/2018 – 10/2019

Redmond, WA

Role: Full Stack Engineer

Worked as an application architect developing privacy, security & data visualization software for lawyers and analysts investigating digital crimes.  Developed an end-to-end privacy solution from inception to deployment including design, database architecture on SQL Server, all the stored procedures, a Node.js web API based on Express, Html layouts and styles and client code written in Javascript & JQuery using JSON as a transport.  Deployed as a web app and maintained with Azure DevOps.  Also developed a new front end for dataset visualization based on an existing Angular / ASP.Net Core.  Also worked on a solution for capturing business email compromise information and inputting it into an Azure Data Warehouse.

Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures
3/2018 – 07/2018

Redmond, WA

Role: Software Engineer

Contributed developing & debugging of software for commercial greenhouse control systems.  Focus was around improving reliability & performance of a highly parallel Windows server application that reads sensor information from greenhouses & uploads it to the cloud to improve yields & forecasting for resource costs, including predictive analytics around labor, energy, temperature, water, nutrients & reclamation.

Microsoft OMS
11/2015 – 02/2018

Redmond, WA

Role: UI Engineer

Worked as a software design engineer embedded with the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS).  Scope of work includes a long-running overhaul of the portal UI to conform with Azure specifications delivered by the design team:

  • Html5 & CSS3 styling of the Azure Log Analytics portal.
  • Typescript & C# development & debugging for OMS
  • Accessibility refactoring for 502 compliance
  • Daily scrum participation
  • Live site production support.

My focus was on restyling the portal using both CSS3 & Html5 and modifying behaviors in both Javascript and C#.  The OMS team required actively participating in daily Scrum, deployment of incremental changes several times a week, live site responsibilities, and continuously ingesting tribal knowledge.  I also managed a contractor & worked closely with two peers to land a major accessibility project.

10/2013 to 9/2015

Seattle, WA

Role: UI Engineer

Worked as a UI developer, helped bring their 1.0 product to a servicable release level.  Developed the first generation of their logo & icons.  Developed a new version of their search application with a method for identifying fields of material interest in no-schema datastore, a key component of their pending patent grant.  Worked on Red Disk, delivering core product code delivered to the US Army’s INSCOM.  Performed extensive JQuery debugging & integration with the Java back-end, and helped push the product forward to 1.4 as the code was adopted by the US Air Force.  Netbeans & Eclipse with Maven build environment built on top of Apache Accumulo, Cloudera Hadoop, Centos Linux & open source integration tools.

5/2013 to 10/2013

Redmond, WA

Role: UI Engineer

Developed features for the experimental Somex, a Microsoft Research Windows tray application built as a C# / .Net client using embedded Internet Explorer for UI features.  Html5 / CSS3 / Javascript / JQuery communicating via WFC with SQL-2012 built using Entity Framework.  Designed and built a journaling mechanism tracing JQuery events.  Also contributed the public subscription UI and implementation.  Contributed to data extraction and reporting for their published research paper.

01/13 to 04/13

Seattle, WA

Role: UI Engineer

Worked on assignments with the Amazon Prime team.  Developed Out-Of-Box-Experience code in CSS3 & Html5 for Kindles in multiple international markets.  Also developed new dialogs for the single page check-out experience for messaging Prime in the US and UK on the Amazon retail website.

Predixion Software
8/2011 to 7/2012

Redmond, WA

Role: UI Engineer

Most of my work at PredixionSoftware was focused on UI development for their client, primarily Silverlight but more recently Excel.  Contributed to the core product data visualization features and helped built a set of Silverlight/Xaml controls used in development for their thin-client.  Primarily ASP.Net, C#, and API development.  Excel client port of Silverlight code and vice/versa.

9/2007 to 8/2011

Redmond, WA

Role: Software Engineer III

Worked as an Html, CSS & Javascript feature developer for Bing Local UI, including movie theater show times and restaurant reservations.  ASP.Net, C# and WCF feature developer for Bing Local middle-tier.  Write Silverlight/Xaml, Bing Maps API and WCF feature developer for Bing Maps Firstlight local events application.  Significant experience with JSON, REST API’s & JQuery troubleshooting.

Provided production support duties for Bing Maps including deployment, troubleshooting & mitigation development.  Front-line optimizer tasked with improving site performance and mitigating systematic attacks via parallelization and caching solutions.  Developed WCF service to codify the DOM and allow developers to access Bing Maps user collections within Microsoft.

10/2006 to 09/2007

Redmond, WA

Role: Software Engineer II

HRIT Performance Management, Developer Division.  ASP.Net/C# test harness developer for Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 2008.  Html/CSS and Javascript feature developer for HR Performance application.  Converted raw output from HR design team to CSS/ASP.Net component architecture. developed extensible Windows client shell in CSS & C# for use by application teams.  Created and debugged manager feedback reports using SSRS on SQL Server 2005.

02/2006 to 06/2006

Redmond, WA

Role: Software Engineer III

Vista OS developer.  Debugged Windows Vista UI Automation library Win32 control proxy interfaces.  Corrected event propagation through mouse and keyboard handlers.  Diagnosed marshalling and threading issues across Win32/COM/.Net boundaries.  Extremely low-level work in a massive project with thousands of developers & millions of lines of source.

Catapult Systems
11/1995 to 11/2005

Austin, TX

Role: Application Architect

Architect of Inquisite.  Participated in each phase of the software development life cycle, from inception to production support, across the entire application suite.  Developed critical infrastructure elements including the common business kernel, native service applications, data collection and transformation components, and advanced statistical reports.  Developed foundation technology stack including kernel serialization and versioning, internal event propagation, process communication protocols, and web service interface definitions.  Composed and reviewed core product documentation with an emphasis on the software development kit, extensibility tools, and reports.  Optimized each tier of the application suite to ensure product scalability in a wide range of deployment environments and stress scenarios, including multiprocessor machines and load balanced servers.  Performed technical interviews to screen candidates for software development, technical sales, and network engineering positions.  Accompanied technical sales personnel to improve my understanding of their business requirements in order to translate them directly into design specifications.  Created reporting solutions that featured a wide range of data transformations and statistical operations, including t-tests, regression analysis, and analysis of variance (ANOVA).  Developed strategies, design specifications, and extensibility mechanisms in order to incrementally port the product to C# and ASP.Net.  Created an integrated development environment, a form builder client application used to produce and publish survey web pages of arbitrary complexity.  Developed commonly understood and widely used features for the survey builder, including Cut/Cop/Paste and Undo/Redo.

Also worked as the lead developer for a source code documentation system written in MS-Visual C++ (MFC) and Delphi.  Developed classes to convert opaque binary and text sources into a parse tree suitable for semantic analysis via native code.  Developed classes to drive Microsoft Word with OLE Automation to emit report documents.


Graduated in 1986 from Ottawa High School.  Accelerated student, graduated in 3 years.

Contact Information

Mobile:  425-770-9136

Skype: rangothedog

6809 NE 166th Court

Kenmore, WA 98028

NanoString Technologies

530 Fairview Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109


Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-7329

(425) 882-8080

(425) 706-7329


2118 Green Watch Way #100

Reston, VA 20191



410 Terry Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109


Predixion Software

31831 Camino Capistrano, Suite 201

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Catapult Systems Corp.

3001 Bee Caves Rd.

Austin, TX 78746



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