Rango Unmuzzled: Episode 34 – The Show with the Flow

Rango the Dog and JCFlow

Rango the Dog and JCFlow

Today’s show is dedicated to my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Claire.  So very proud of you ❤ \m/~

Broadcast LIVE 10/13/2013 on Audioburger.com

Seattle musician JC Flow joins Rango the Dog on the console to spin tracks from his latest remixes, talk about his MTV video, and premiere 3 new songs. Also featuring music from unmuzzled artists Joe Sabatini, Janey Neal, Savage Henry, Spank, Starving Artists, Ben Badenhorst, Tim Hearn, Joe Gande, Sweet Davis, and the international Audioburger darlings the Hentai Babies.

It’s currently the posted show at audioburger, also where the live streams went out:


But that only lasts a day or so, and there was a problem with my mic today.  I somewhat compensated for it after the show so the permarnent archives have better audio quality.  really the better listening experience are here, i normalized the mic levels best I could and pumped up the signal ~4.5db::




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