Rangounmuzzled Episode 72 – Beautiful People

Rangounmuzzled ep 72 – beautiful people

The Mighty Thad Coleman

The Mighty Thad Coleman

Rango gets on a plane and flies to LA in order to participate in the Worldwide Star Search 2014 showcase, #wwss2014. He ends up hanging out with long-time friend, ex-roomie and bandmate, the mighty Thad Coleman, waxing poetic on My Life as a Musical. Part I of II, featuring the unmuzzled artistry of:

Shade Law
Andrea Desmond
Jess McAllister
Johndus Beckman
Shawnee Kilgore
The Mothership
Alyse Black
Digital Skunk‘s Barry Burford (Stinktier & Honig)
Hetty Bryce-Lane
Matthew Meadows with Stuart Epps and John Marter
Patrick Kindy & Friends at I.R.L(In Real Life) Infinite Vision Productions

#audioburger #rangothedog #thadcoleman #mylifeasamusical #indie #comedy

Broadcast LIVE here on 09/01/2014:

Sharing on Fandalism here, 1,500+ plays in the first 24 hours:

Download from Soundcloud directly here:

Learn more about the World Wide Star Search here:

…and please join me here for show previews, the metalish, love songs and something your mom wouldn’t like:


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