Somewhat Vapid

Shopping for clothes is my least favorite thing.  Definitely take a needle to the eye and a surprise root canal over shopping every time (blame my mother, who seemed to think that <all><freaking><day> was a good amount of shopping for this ADD child, particularly at those downtown Grand Rapids clothing stores with no toy departments and no VIC20 computers like Meijers had).

Unfortunately I needed 6 outfits for the photo shoot tomorrow and all I’ve got is Rango gear and idiot costumes (also blame my mother) so I had to suck it up.  “This is going to hurt” I said, “and you may feel a little sick, but you’ll be on your feet in no time if we make this really quick”.   Then I sang it in epic Broadway style with a touch of Bob Geldoff doing Roger Waters, to nobody, like usual, and dug deep into my brain for a solution and a random booger (unscripted but 100% true, very dehydrated and prone to show tunes with a metalish inflection \m/).

30 minutes at Goodwill and $125 later I’m up 3 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of casual dress pants, 6 shirts including $35 white body armor that I need for my Risk video, 1 groovy coat, 2 pairs of sunglasses and all manner of socks (we use them to feed the dryer, along with guitar picks).

Therefore, I’m done.  I’m never going shopping again.  If I get fat I’ll fast my way back to a 34.  If I stoop I’ll get a nailed to a pole. If my color changes, paint me or just flat out kill me to restore this pasty white cave-living complexion to its present luster. Never again, it’s over and I ruled the day by not puking in public (it’s the little things that make a big difference to the deviant mind, both of them in my case). Onward through the fog, it’s time to get vapid, baby.

Maybe not.  Into the Snow released this week (see previous post).  Photo shoot this weekend.  Coming soon: full frontal media assault.  No, not quite like that. Well, maybe if I get desperate. It’s good to have a provisional plan (e.g., eating frozen people in a storm).  More like Liberteria followed by Temple of Zither followed by more Rango videos and then videos for every song on Temple of Zither and Etherati, followed by a re-release of Etherati and a mechanism to monetize all of it I like to call Rango’s Doghause.  Along the way, dozens of interviews on FM and more, including collaborations with Jenni French, and MikeWhitePresents.  Gotta have something to talk about, right? That’s why I’ve been working so hard all these months and keeping a relatively low profile on formal promotions.

Checkpoint: May 24th, almost to the 50% mark for my 2012 campaign.  Doing good rabbit, just gotta keep up the pace and let a few of those missiles go.  There’s a reason this house hasn’t sold yet and it’s this: you ain’t done shooting videos, boy.

\m/ (-.-) \m/

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